Cut for length, overuse of the comma and the word guy.

13: Inefficient overlord, taking so long to kill Juliet. I recall seein reviews where people comment that she's surprised. I don't know what she expected myself, but it goes her previous characterization that she is so not ready for this.

Hermione and Juliet: awkward...

I guess Hermione's struggling not to drop her grudge against Juliet. She's essentially nice but not incapable of getting angry.

Seriously, Francisco, you thought he'd take longer? He's been waiting for so long, how much more was he supposed to wait?

So by now it's obvious Juliet was linked to the tree and saving the land. Not obvious that she's become a tree, but still.

Again with the epilogue theme. I think I forgot to note that the dragonhorses seem to have claws on their hooves. Other things I've forgotten have been Mercutio and his plotting. Not much of him in the first half, but it should be obvious to Romeo that he wants to take his place. I'd at least be suspicious, and Romeo has been raised in this court! He should know! But maybe he doesn't care and just built a wall of cluelessness over the years, and that's how he stayed so pure. Showing us that instead of letting me make up a reason for Romeo's character would have been good.


Do we need a recap episode? Even if it's just the prologue. Also it reminds me that in the prologue R and J's hearts were said to be colorless. This is mirrored in the title letters for the last episode, when the crests are white.

Enjoying BenvoloxCordelia.

Yeah, so you mean well, but presumptious much, Romeo? You're not one of the guys.

They have showers here? I wouldn't turn down showers.

Right, so I'm bad at guile, clueless, and entitled (though not as much as Romeo), so I feel some guilty embarassment watching him, and that's partly behind my criticisms. Self-problems. But I'm still right!

You knew him for one episode! No wonder so many people dropped the show during the middle, or just after it because of the middle. Okay, he's sensitive, and I'd be too, but yelling his name and just...cannot relate, cannot relate is what I said to the screen. Well, maybe he's just overwhelmed by getting a clue.

I like the new ending theme and imagery.

Do we need a flashback, it was last episode! I guess it is because he feels useless.

That iris isn't dead yet? I call shenanigans. It's very little time for Romeo to bond with Petruchio and then lose him, too.

Cordelia had a Juliet moment! And more pairing up.

Some more foreshadowing, but not that Juliet will become a tree.


I guess Mercutio wants to get Hermione off his back? But then why'd he bother trying to turn her against Romeo in ep 12? So she'd complain to the Prince? And he ought to know Romeo doesn't pay attention to her, so until I had this thought it made no sense why he'd suck up to her only if Romeo wasn't exiled. But I guess it's because the Prince liked her?

Hey guys don't complain so much. At least Juliet's not depressed anymore. Though I sympathize with wanting other stuff from her too. I haven't got enough of Juliet the past few episodes, and sidelining her to focus on Romeo isn't making me like his storyline more. Actually I think here's the flaw. The beginning is set up to focus on Juliet, and then the people who got attached to the resistance part of the story wanted more of her resisting and not a sudden turn to focus on Romeo while she pined. That's why these episodes drove viewers off. I think the show is worth enduring eps 14-15, though, and there's more redeeming stuff in 13 and 16.

Um, I feel sorry for you Hermione, but you're unhappy because he dumped you! Remember!

Poor Curio. He's Francisco's go-to guy for seducing people to achieve their goals. I wonder why he doesn't do it himself, if he's a manipulative guy and a ladies' man.

Juliet, what is this habit of announcing yourself to people? So what if she seemed nice while you were behind bars, come on!

Guys, if Juliet can't take Hermione, you should all just give up. Oh wait, I forgot you just want a puppet Capulet anyway.

Okay, it is really nice to let Hermione go. But, I believe Juliet is developing good instincts, or at least recognizes the lovestruck from being one herself. So she let's her go. I mean, it's pretty obvious anyway that Hermione was surprised at the idea of not being let out. If she were a cunning enemy she wouldn't be.

Oh, guys. Even Hermione and Mercutio are having more of an arc than you.

Ted is the most horrifying episode yet. God, I wish girls could get away with killing guys like that in real life. The guy threatens her, then invades her room and reads her diary -totally different from Buffy snooping at both an intimacy level and a social power difference- and he threatens to put her in an institution. Then he hits her. He'd have hit back if she hadn't kept hitting him. For the safety of women it was better for him to die even if he'd been human.

At first I thought Cordelia was taken aback because Xander gave her a sincere compliment. Then he held her hand while climbing down the ladder at Ted's house. And it's nice that she's being all supportive of Buffy and Giles.

Speaking of which, I'm glad he and Miss Calendar are together again. Heal me.

Oh Willow.


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