So I finished roughly two hours ago, and finished writing my thoughts a few minutes later. Then I stopped to watch parts of Fellowship of the Ring because my brother had it on. I was about to feed my cat who keeps interrupting this process but he just went to finish his food. Here we go.

Again with the parallels. The Prince is going far in his determination to get rid of his past. Tybalt is the same way. Too wrapped up in themselves to care about people dying. Of course Tybalt is on the path to change, since not being like his father is his character arc.

Yeah, Romeo's riding some random gray dragonhorse, not Cielo.

That leap would have killed Mercutio in real life, but it's par for the course in this anime. I forgot he had this part. We do get some good stuff about him, but it could have been better, or given to other supporting characters. I'm thinking now that they had too many details and characters for such a short series, especially if they wanted to focus on a romance.

It's a sharp contrast between the actions of Romeo and Juliet and those of Tybalt and the Prince, when it comes to the city on fire. Mercutio is in between these reactions - he went along and started the fire, but he is really obviously mixed up about the whole situation.

The weirdly blooming irises throughout the show: a sign from the Goddess?

That theme that I thought was in the epilogue but wasn't really sells the ship to me, paired with all those flashbacks. This is so good, even with the diabolus ex tree. It's like Prophecy Girl or the Gift. But it won't be that easy, Juliet. Oh my heart is heavy.


I don't get Juliet's reasoning. Is she trying to guilt Tubalt into being nicer by doing a last wish thing? I guess she sees good in him and hopes that when it all ends, he'll have no reason to continue being a jerk.

But he really cares! So, as was made clear last episode, he's no humanitarian, but he cares about specific people. And that put a dent in his plans for the next day. I wish his motivations were made clearer though. He doesn't seem to care about the city's people, and his later speech to Romeo implies that he can't fathom putting others above yourself and your personal relationships. I know he's the voice for 'remember guys, it's a love story not a politics/resistance story' but that still leaves me hanging as to him. Does he care about Juliet or does he just think it's unfair, like this one fic's interpretation was? Or both? I prefer to think both, but it's a flaw that we don't get more on this.

Emilia wants Juliet to dress as a boy and continue to play opposite her. More hints that she's not straight.

Mercutio's done bad, but I feel sorry for him.

Oh so we do here Volumnia's name.

I'm wondering if Montague doesn't have a wish for self-destruction. He's got Capulet blood too.

Again, I had no idea Juliet had ever hated him. Here she is repeating that she learned to stop hating him. The story is about overcoming hatred, but I didn't think it was hers so much.

It's neat that Tybalt stepped aside and let Juliet decide how things would go, despite his words.

It's hard to decide whether to feel sorry for him. He was just about to give up. No I don't, but I do feel sorry for Mercutio. I wonder if she had a specialness complex. And that earlier comment, about not even being merciful to Romeo. Oh, I wish they all had more development.

My stomach hurts with expectation. Romeo's sort of playing into Juliet's hands, also delaying the fulfillment of their vows, which allows her the leeway to attempt breaking them.

'sinful unborn' 'denied tenderness'
Is that to mean Romeo and Juliet are born without sin, or will never be born and are sinful, or just the general population that will never be because the world will end?

So much for dying without reservation, though I can hardly blame her. And maybe it's literally hurting her. Way to be counterproductive, tree - she might have gotten there faster otherwise.

Short Hermione glimpse.

He thinks he's taking her cue? That Juliet wants to be a ruler?

Tybalt doesn't get humanitarianism.

Suddenly he knows what Juliet will experience if she becomes a tree! The eternal agony part wasn't covered by previous episodes. And neither was the part of how Capulet blood kept the tree alive - well that part was in the last two or three ones, but still. Doesn't make the Capulets look that good, if they had to commit blood sacrifice of their own women, even if it kept the world alive.

The hermit says it, but I don't know how Romeo can save the world by saving Juliet. Wait, the love thing. So is that meant to say Ophelia is wrong? She tried to save the Tree abd became so intent. She didn't realize all you need is love. Like VanxHitomi in Escaflowne (which had better plot pacing and was less messy, but that ending was still weird)? Or is it because the tree will eventually need Capulet blood again and Juliet was the last Capulet girl, so if she goes now and the tree is still up, the world will fall anyway. So Romeo saves Juliet, so that she can under her own control save Verona by landing it. More reason why this tree plot is off. I've always thought this was a Dawn the Key situation, only Romeo can't replace Juliet.

And she loses that swordfight because she wants to.

Is Ophelia's left eye missing because one tree died?

Tybalt's so cheesy now. At the beginning he was smarmy and cynical and here he's 'have faith in Romeo and Juliet's love.'

Or that's just Ophelia's bestial side.

24: Prayer - In The Same World As You

Even the title makes me emotional. So beautiful and sad and hopeful and oh god.

Hey, the crests don't stay white! I was told they'd be white in TV Tropes! TV Tropes lied. Hey, the final scene is in the opening.

I'm pretty moved.

Suddenly Tubalt is humanitarian. And hopeful of getting both RXJ and the world saved. I like this, but would appreciate more details as to how it came to be.

Okay, Juliet's a sinful unborn. Because she hasn't fulfilled her potential as plant cutting?

Conrad, stuck to his castle dream.

Oh, okay, I see. The crests are white in the eyecatches.

Holy shit, despite being melodramatic and not getting the tree and every bad thing I've ever said about RXJ as a ship, this is so beautiful and intese and sad. And great fight scene.

Too bad adding this tree would have been pointless if there was going to be a happy ending. Nice to know it's not only Montague who got things wrong.

God, how sad. Yet I don't know if it's depressing. It's horrible, but beautiful and full of hope.

Actual tears, oh.

And that makes her want to die, losing her love. So it had to happen.

I sing along with part of the song. Thank you, for making me obsessed with it. I've had the opening on my iPod ever since watching this show, and I used to not even like this song.

Show, ILU. None of the criticisms, mine or otherwise, matter, I LOVE YOU. So hopeful in love because they didn't give up in the end, and tha characters are happy. Well Conrad maybe not, but at least he's finally doubting himself. I wish we'd get closure on Mercutio, though I guess his arc was over? That means he and Montague are the only completely tragic characters, although hopefully Mercutio can pick himself up. I'm glad to see Tybalt soft and smiling and nice to strange children. And acknowledging his relationship with Romeo. Curio gets a job being a grocer, Francisco gets to be in politics with the Mayor, Cordelia and Benvolio are a happy family.

I might be misremembering things, because I thought the epilogue over the credits was another theme I kept mentioning throughout these reviews, but it's just the opening theme in english. Except for maybe the end. Or maybe the end part is the end of the Inori song. I think it is. (I wrote this part after it was over, so I don't remember and am getting the music mixed up.)

I also remembered them hugging in a field of irises as the last scene, after holding hands before an arch reminiscent of the church (in my mind) with a tree behind it. That appears to have been the last scene of the opening.

Also, I assumed that scene was in the afterlife, but maybe it's the Escalus of the present and they're standing before it as ghosts. Or they just stay there forever or move on or wait until the world ends? I wish I knew.

So, I want to do a followup post, summarizing my problems and the good. But mainly, despite all the criticisms I've seen leveled at it and the ones I've chucked myself, I think this is a very good show. Gorgeous designs and animation and music, gorgeous if clich├ęd themes about innocence and love, touching romance and characters - even the not so good ones, despite one of the criticisms being that the characters are too black and white, they're not. They're just not fleshed out properly, but you can see where they have more complicated inner lives that just weren't as expanded on as they should be. This feels real, they feel real, NeoVerona feels real. Hey they've been living in my head since I finished in November of 2010, bugging me to come back to this. The only thing horrendous about it is that it could have been so much better without the tree, or with the tree properly integrated, and the much wished for expansions to characters. The plot itself or the characters wouldn't have to change in the least, just the amount of stuff we see and where it's placed.

It makes me wonder if something happened during production that shortened the series or messed with it a bit. I know something like that happened with the manga. It was going to be longer than seven chapters but didn't sell well or something, so after a few chapters that take a slow enough pace, the next chapters squeeze or edit the plot of the series into the story, to leave room for an epically long last chapter about the tree and the finale. And Tybalt got so shortchanged in it, he stayed pretty much 1-D and plot device. Mercutio too. At least they limited Romeo's plot at the mines to one mention and panel, I think it was, but even then it didn't work. Not that I didn't enjoy the manga at all, or some of the designs. I intend to read it and post about it before class starts one Wednesday, so I hope I have the energy and time and will/thoughts to do that as well as a final summation.

God I wish this fandom weren't so dead. I want somebody to talk to about all this.

And this took me almost an hour to type up, especially with all the expansions to certain trains of thought.

ETA what I forgot, which is that the song is about saying goodbye to the past with support from others, while the show is partly about dealing with your past. Saying goodbyo to it not by trying to hurt it, or the people who hurt you, but finding someone to deal with it alongside you. Which is what the characters do, and what the city does with the system of nobles ruling.


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