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Ridiculous to declare love in public, even if the street seems empty. At least he knows he shouldn't reveal his status to people.

This chapter goes by fast because it's fluff.

A well-preserved and well-stocked with tools house that no one uses despite people knowing about it? With a pretty dress in it. And they have laundry they can do. I don't know whether this is less or more believable than a whole abandoned village that still has tools and cultivated potatoes they play house with. We just don't get an explanation for why an abandoned village would be so conveniently stocked for them, or for why, in the manga, the house would be well-stocked when there are villagers who could use the food and tools.

At least in the manga we get the moment at the end of the chapter, with Juliet crying and apologizing in her sleep. So it's not as if we've entered some weird happy land in which all she cares about is Romeo.


We find out about Romeo's missed Hermione date with dialogue. Would that be when he was looking for Juliet, when Lancelot died? Because the romantic scene in the anime during that missed date was combined with their balcony scene in the manga last chapter, with Romeo randomly running into Juliet and her trying to escape.

Mercutio tries turning Hermione against Romeo like in the show. I wonder if the reason he started ignoring her there was because it didn't work, and after that he only sucked up to her until Romeo was banished just out of not offending a potentially powerful person. Or he took advantage of Romeo making himself look bad to try to get Hermione to affect the Duke's disposition towards Romeo?

Wandering about in hoods doesn't make Curio or Francisco look suspicious at all. I wonder if they were ever even seen by the Duke's guards in that battle. Though they didn't cover themselves up while helping Juliet escape guards in an earlier chapter. I don't know. What does Curio mean with asking if Conrad's recovering in 'that man's house'? I wondered whether it was Tybalt, but having read up to chapter eight I can confirm that we do not see Tybalt's house in the manga. The man whose house Conrad was healing is not referenced later at all.

Well, at least here Ophelia tells us explicitly that Juliet will join the trees, who support the world and need love to flourish.

Romeo still gives out his jewelry with an identifying crest on it.

We find out Juliet's nightmares are recurring! The ones about her allies dying or the ones about the tree? I think it means the tree but I'm not sure.

It's nice that we are getting insight into Juliet. She hopes everyone is all right, she finds it hard to talk about - understandble for many reasons - and she also feels her past is unseeable, which is rather abstract but I take to mean gone, something left behind. She can't talk about it because:
a- it hurts and she'll feel guilty
b- if she feels hopeless and useless like she did before running off with Romeo, she thinks the only thing to do is leave it behind 
c- Romeo wouldn't get it
d- Romeo would feel bad, as he's already begun to do.

It's good that despite all the fluff, the manga doesn't let them forget what's going on. It uses the space to both unite the lovers and have Romeo see how much his father is hated, and be ashamed of his ignorance. Compare that to the anime, which was all 'forget the world as we play house' and was solely about Romeo and Juliet getting together and then being torn apart because hello, the world does not stop for anybody.

I think this part of the manga is done better than the corresponding part in the series, where Juliet is all about being with Romeo and behaves ridiculously because of that. Even if I'm not reacting as emotionally as I do with the anime, not that those reactions were ever related to the 11-13 episode stretch this part occured in (their fluffy scenes get little from me). I don't know if it's that I started this right after the anime, that with the anime I watched in gulps while not slowing down much except for typing up my notes, that the manga doesn't do as well on reread, or whether I reacted that emotionally to the manga in the first place aside from the end.  It's probably related to how the supporting characters get crappier here in the manga, while I'm still not interested in Romeo/Juliet even though it's done a little better in some aspects. The only character who gets my emotions is Juliet, and that's not due to her romance.


Well and this is an improvement too. Romeo's about to reveal himself. Juliet convinces him they can save the people together. They accidently discover Juliet's identity and Romeo reveals his, which makes a little more sense than Juliet thinking Romeo needed her to rescue him by announcing herself. (I suppose she was maybe doing it to distract them and then intended to escape, but she was wrong and not thinking right. ) We've established that Juliet's people know where she is because of the rumors and Montague's searching for Romeo.

Taking a peek at the next act, I am reminded of why I prefer anime Tybalt and would not ship him with Juliet in this version. Though I wouldn't turn down a fic with them, as there's so little anime version fic with them as anything, despite Juliet being what makes Tybalt interesting and him heightening her own conflicts. In my opinion, their characters make each other more emotionally affecting in the anime.


In this one, Juliet sensibly realizes she's got to escape with Convenient!Willy and so doesn't get captured. She trusts Romeo to be fine and come back to her later.

Sudden Cordelia and Benvolio. Exposition so we can see a bit of Benvolios growth, left out from earlier. 

Exposition about how plants won't grow healthily, and the tree visions. It's pretty blatant that Juliet has to die, though she hasn't figured it out yet.

In this comic, Juliet's previous interactions with Tybalt were at the wrong moments for her to take assertive action. Now she's firm enough in herself to want to follow Tybalt and learn his reasons for showing up in her life.

He threatens her, scolds her, and shoves her into a chair. And yells Well, he shouldn't be, as they're in a church and anybody could come in and hear them, but that's how I interpret the bolded dialogue with exclamation points, as that's what it's like at other times when characters seem to be yelling.

He says the Capulet bloodline means nothing to him when it comes to helping Juliet, but his stated reason for revenge is that the Duke hurt his mother (whom he probably didn't know at all before she was killed with the other Capulets), who is a Capulet. He doesn't say she was one, but I took a peek at the final act and there he's telling Montague she was. Presumably he's saying he helps Juliet because the Duke wants her dead? I don't even know, because his words contrast with his actions and we get even less of his life than we did in the anime. We don't know where he lives, what he does with himself besides obviously learning how to use his daggers. Despite what I wrote about Tybalt knowing his mother, he does say she went mad and we get panels of her in act 9, clutching her head and with bandages over her eyes, suggesting she clawed them out or something. So maybe he did know her a little. We just don't know much about him. 

Another difference is that Tybalt doesn't give us the Duke's backstory, except to say that he attained a noble ranking through seducing Volumnia. 

I thought I'd seen a panel where Juliet was thinking about the vengeance thing, explicitly thinking it wasn't right, but I couldn't find it. I did find her previous doubts about what she was saying to her supporters before the assault on Montague, trying to convince herself that she was supposed to take him down and restore her house. Still, she prefers to do it for the people. She also says she used to hate the Duke but doesn't any longer. It's safe to think she had reason to hate him, but we never see that. 

More yelling and manhandling  by Tybalt. I'm glad Juliet got him off her herself, though it does say something about the differences in characterization, that in the anime he chose to let her go himself after being stunned by her conviction. Anime Juliet was more serene about it and instead told him she loved Romeo. She was also more explicit, at least in other scenes, about not wanting to restore the house of Capulet, while here she wants to unite the houses to create peace. 

Also, Tybalt reminds me of Sasuke, particularly with how he''s drawn in these panels. In the manga. I've not watched or read Naruto, but I gather he got less interesting and more jerkish, so the resemblance is not a good thing. Tybalt's one-dimensional here. His moements of being nice to Juliet aren't there. We get less about his life and he yells so much.

Benvolio expositions about Romeo's mine plot and his own feelings for Cordelia. I think that was done nicely and we don't really need to see the details of what happened to Romeo. Oddly, he got more development earlier than in the anime, but now he's been shunted into the background, whilst in the anime he was put in the spotlight because he hadn't had much development and wasn't a good coprotagonist. 

We get more expo about Romeo's mines from Francisco. This gives us a timeframe, saying Romeo rebuilt the village that got burnt before with the help of the miners, and that it was months ago. It also tells us that he's working hard and further developed his social conscience without giving us episodes 14-16. One good result of the manga being shortened is that Romeo doesn't distract from the rest of the story, even if that means he's got to be in the background for now. It's like they've accepted that this is more Juliet's story. Plus Juliet rejects seeming him because, like him, she's intent on working on the future.

It's weird how it seems that Francisco and Curio are being supportive of her seeing Romeo, when in the anime they didn't want her to know about him and discouraged her relationship.   


Tubal  lived in the anime! He does here too.

All of Juliet's minions respect her now! We get Juliet's panels of not wanting revenge and hesitating at the idea of restoring the house of Capulet, and making the Montague's out to be the enemy.

Juliet's visions become complete as Ophelia reveals the whole truth to her. Ophelia is looking a bit different now, more bestial or perhaps decaying. Is she dying as Escalus dies or does she get that way to make sure the trees get preserved?

Francisco is suddenly nice to Tubal. In the anime he struck me as colder and more ruthless under the smile. 

Suddenly Hermione! It's seriously unnecessary. She shows up and rants at Juliet, shoving her to the ground. Juliet saves her from a falling thing, and then her parents come to get her. Are we to assume she's been won over to Juliet by her heroism and the Duke's violence which made her family flee? She just doesn't have an arc. 

We also get much less of Curio and Francisco. They're barely different characters, mainly existing to help Juliet and be around her, whilst their anime conflicts with her went from hinted at earlier to gone without resolution, unless Juliet telling them all to help her in act 7 and them agreeing counts. But it doesn't, for me. 

Then there's how Francisco is the one who offers for Juliet to visit Romeo, comes into her room when her last vision happened, is telling Tubal to hang on, and gets to reassure Juliet about Hermione. He's getting more interaction with her, friendly interaction, than Curio. Both in the anime and earlier in the manga, it's shown and implied, respectively, that it's the reverse. Plus Curio and Francisco's relationship to each other, ambiguous in the anime, is left out here. 

We get big earthquakes to drive home the point. 

We get the action scene that doesn't make sense. Mercutio knocks Juliet off her hourse, she lands on Romeo, they're below Mercutio althought that may have just been a closeup, and Romeo throws himself atop Mercutio, landing them on a rooftop. Reading it again, I see what seems to be a dragonhorse under Romeo, so I suppose he was on his own just like in the anime. 

This was Mercutio's crappy arc. He gets to be heir like he exposits he always wanted, he gets do sound jealous of Romeo's birth, and he loses. He gets to occasionally stammer to show that he's not entirely all right. That's it.  

Romeo (I think those were his thoughts) wants to do good by Juliet in stopping his father; Juliet wants to do good by Romeo through dying. Only Romeo's path leaves hope for them to be together.  


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