Here, the color pages specify that there was a previous rivalry between the two houses.

For some reason, Juliet's parents aren't trying to escape. They're not hurt, they're just clutching each other and telling Conrad to go take Juliet.

I'm afraid I find the action scenes a bit difficult to follow.
The sound effects have both a romanization of the Japanese character and an english translation whenever they're introduced. Interesting choice.

Cordelia and "Odin" are talking, and Cordelia is referring to her by name. I don't think that's a good idea in public. I didn't think it was a good idea when Cordelia was dragged off in the chase scene of the pilot, but this is worse. 

I like that Romeo pretends he's going to drop her when she says she doesn't need help. 

It's funny how we get a box with the character's name inside whenever they appear, regardless of whether the name has just been used in dialogue. 

We learn that Curio took "Odin" outside to show her the city. That's nice. This is basic establishing dialogue, explaining their fugitive status and name-dropping the doctor to establish how dangerous it is for "Odin" in particular to take on a heroic masked role. Same "good cop" Francisco, this time with the implication of Juliet's hidden destiny. 

Despite what Francisco says later, Juliet is complaining about having to be a boy before she really started crushing on Romeo. Again, I think that she was taught that she was a girl and that being a boy was pretense, for her to feel bad about having to be a boy despite not being raised as a girl. So she finds it wrong to have to be the "wrong" gender, although not being hesitant to do some "boy" things like fighting and arguing loudly and directly (in the anime, she calls Conrad an old geezer, a typical shonen hero trait.) 

Juliet finds it messed up that she's a girl pretending to be a boy who will now pretend to be a girly girl, although seeing herself as a girl is making her heart race. 

Poor Emilia gets to go to her party this time around! I hope she enjoys it. 

Romeo is like an early Disney Princess. That was what I thought when I first read this, and it's still true. To include his previous establishing scene with his father, he's also presented even more clearly at the outset  to be the idealist as known in mainstream media. He knows the people are suffering, supposedly wants to help them, and yet he wants to deny his position as the Duke's son -as someone with the potential power to change things and play political games against his father- and ignore politics entirely. And have a true love romance.

I like the little note about how the dress is hard to walk in. In the fan-translated version I originally read, the dress was said to be uncomfortably tight.

Juliet's having a Rapunzel in Tangled moment? Her early memories come back. But I thought she was taken away right before her parents died, so how can she remember their deaths? I guess, wherever they were, they had a great view?

It's neat the Juliet's hairpiece is very similar to the one she wears in the 1968 movie version. I don't remember at what moment she wears it in that version, though.

So how'd she get out, if Francisco didn't come to pick her up? I guess she went back with Emilia as planned. I forgot, but they appear to get to the party without Emilia's date picking them up. So I presume Emilia had a crest with her?

Cordelia is likely the one who told on her during her last escapade as the Whirlwind, but here she doesn't want anyone to know Juliet went to the ball. Maybe she's more sympathetic to wanting to go to parties in a dress?  She is the one who first told her about it, and maybe it's partly the gender roles thing. And it isn't as obviously dangerous, except that it is unless Juliet's a really good liar and doesn't talk to anyone much.

Curio gets to be the perceptive guy here.

Juliet sighing reminds me of how Romeo sighs so much in the play, though mainly before the party and in much more mopy way.

She says "it's only late at night that I can be sure I won't run into anybody." That sounds like she frequently tends to go out in her nightgown at night to frolic in ruins where irises bloom. We haven't gotten much sense of place in this manga, whereas in the anime one of the highlights is the city.

Juliet engages in magical thinking. Gathering flowers so they'll fade and take the love away sounds like a spell.

We get a character trait of Romeo's! He likes to pick flowers for his mother. That's very nice.

Dramatic romantic atmosphere!
I have to say, I prefer the anime with regards to designs and the fight scenes. But the art is cute, sometimes really pretty, and the cuteness of how Juliet and Romeo are drawn emphasizes their innocent love. Also I love the color pages.


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