Chapter 11

it often happens, that a man, before he has quite made up his own mind, will distinguish the sister or intimate friend of the woman he is really thinking of, more than the woman herself

Does it really? I had no idea, and the first thing this reminded me of was Pedro in Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate, which I hated for the romance, among other things. Pedro marrying Rosaura to be near Tita was gross.

I suppose Edmund wasn't at this ball, or Fanny would have been sad about him not dancing with her. Unless he was and the text isn't bothering to mention that he was dancing with Mary because it wants to focus on Fanny's thoughts about Henry's behavior.

Speaking of which, here we get to see Fanny's strength of mind. Despite that the text is saying she has less confidence in her judgment on this matter, and the uncertainty caused by everyone else thinking differently, she is sure enough to not be swayed towards the crowd. We've already seen her having strong opinions on nature, church, and human behavior. I pointed this out in an earlier chapter: Fanny's only weak in social power, and when it comes to how she thinks others ought to treat her.

Not completely though: it was impossible for her to feel much gratitude towards her cousin, or distinguish, as he certainly did, between the selfishness of another person and his own.

I do share Tom's feelings on being asked that way. I wonder what he meant with It is a great deal too bad. Is is too bad that Mrs. Norris is how she is, or is it too bad that now he has to dance with Fanny? The latter's rudeness is lessened by him thinking Fanny didn't want to dance either, and I don't think it hurt her too much since she knew why he was dancing, but still. Or it could be both.
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You know, I'm really not sure if Edmund was at all the ball! Fanny had to have been dancing with someone for four dances.

Mrs. Grant

Tom's friend
Dr. Grant

I think Edmund must have been there in order to make up five couples. Unless there's another gentleman I'm forgetting. OH. MR. RUSHWORTH.

So yeah, I don't know. It is interesting that Fanny doesn't seem to miss Edmund here.

And ugh, Edmund is a total moron about human beings. I really think he's just pulling shit out of his ass because he's used to having the answers to all the questions Fanny can ask and being a font of wisdom, and he doesn't want to think that maybe Henry is toying with his sisters.

I think Tom's "It is a great deal too bad" is that he couldn't think of another excuse for getting out of cards with Mrs. Norris. Hypocritical ass.



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