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I don't think so. Internet is where I get much of what I want to read, both available to read online or something I can buy. Without it I'd only have access to what I found physically or someone felt like telling me. Actually, I think that's the same with on the Internet, only on a massive scale: you search for something or you happen on it by reading something else, and that depends entirely on someone putting it up there in the first place. So no. Maybe if I thought I could get enough out of life without the Internet, but I'm not seeing that even if I was financially independent, which I doubt I would be because I wouldn't know what to do with ten million dollars and my family would then want to take charge of the money for my own good, which would lead to the opposite of financial independence.
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I think I would choose to make people slide off doing or saying to me whatever it is that they were trying to do or say. Like they'd want to, but as they moved to do it, they'd suddenly be doing something else, a bit like how Muggles respond to looking at a magical place in Harry Potter, or what I thought of first, the the SEP fields in Douglas Adams' books. Yes I'm aware that this can be viewed as taking their free will away.

Well Í often feel like my free will has been taken away, even if only indirectly and not literally, so who cares. I'll just have to trust that I wouldn't be any worse than anyone else without such a power.

I'd like to be able to make someone leave off if they were to, say, comment about my appearance or find something weird about whatever I'm doing.

Edited to say that I just read someone's anwser. While I won't change mine because I feel that I need something to help me deal with the things above, I really would love the ability to read and speak fluently (for every region) every language. I would finally be able to read and watch whatever I like, and not wait around/hoping for a translation that would never truly capture everything about the original.


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