Thank you so much for the effort you will put in and I’m sorry I didn’t get this done earlier!

First I'll get squicks and dislikes out of the way. Please no rape or torture, unless it’s just alluded to or mentioned - nothing explicit or the focus of the story, please. (However, OUAT does include canon rape by deception, and I’d be interested in a story that explored this in relationship to Emma’s characterization. But not as a romanticized or smutty thing.) I'd also like a limit of "gross-out" elements like gory details and bodily fluids. Or completely grim stories, though these sources do have grim parts and that's part of the appeal. I'd rather the sadness not be relentless and total. Unless it's symbiotic with the story you want to tell! I’d also like to request that there be no ship bashing. I like a good deal of the canon ships, even love them. They’re not all nominated here but I don’t want to see negativity directed at them and/or the halves of pairings. Lastly, I’d rather there be no smut for Ever After High.

I'm good with AUs or crossovers, or holiday-fic for holidays that are canonical or could plausibly be canonical. Though if it's an AU there would be different rules as to canonical holidays. I do prefer AUs that take place in the same setting, but if similar emotional beats/dynamics are hit I can enjoy others too! I like both character studies and plot.

Once Upon a Time )

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland )

Sinbad )

Ever After High )

Again, thank you for writing me a fic! I hope it’s an enjoyable experience for you.


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