Despite the awful things that happen in it, this is an optimistic book. Or actually, it's the bad things that happen in it that make it optimistic. A book can't be optimistic if it doesn't have the horrible things that happen in life. That's fantasy (not in the speculative genre sense, though many fantasy novels also fit this definition.) Lauren Olamina shapes her life and guides others in shaping theirs no matter what happens to them.
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I haven't been posting these comments here because I haven't had them ready before the Watches post, but this time I will. Though I won't be able to post it on time because I have to do something and I can only hope I'll be back by early evening at least.


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Some sad travel descriptions. Finally we can all admit it's Gollum whose been the creep factor for chapters and chapters. Giant flying creatures of the night, wonderful. Now the conflict is between Boromir and anyone who doesn't agree with him.

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I have to say, I prefer the anime with regards to designs and the fight scenes. But the art is cute, sometimes really pretty, and the cuteness of how Juliet and Romeo are drawn emphasizes their innocent love. Also I love the color pages.

So, RomeoxJuliet. The visuals are very pleasing. The subs could have been better written, with less use of the words somehow and totally in awkward ways. Totally was only used twice, but it completely took me out. The music is superb; it's stuck in my head, especially You Raise Me Up. Now let's do some character mapping.


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 So, I've been typing this since like six and a half hours ago, with only a couple of breaks that make up 54 minutes if combined, and half an hour doing other Internet things. My fingers and my eyes hurt a bit. I thought I might not have that much to say, but then again, I think I knew I didn't since I dreaded how long I'd take. It's been great fun writing it all out, going over the series again and finally expressing everything I felt, even if no one reads it. Though I hope to find somewhere to post it so someone will read it and give feedback. These are pretty long, more due to the flowing of my thoughts and some self-involvement than to the work I put in editing it. Of course they do have some editing; that's part of why they're so long.



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