Despite the awful things that happen in it, this is an optimistic book. Or actually, it's the bad things that happen in it that make it optimistic. A book can't be optimistic if it doesn't have the horrible things that happen in life. That's fantasy (not in the speculative genre sense, though many fantasy novels also fit this definition.) Lauren Olamina shapes her life and guides others in shaping theirs no matter what happens to them.
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So this is the problem. I have done only three days on my chosen characters, partly because I do not have as much time as I had only recently, and partly because I am tired and uncreative right now. But I did have some recommendations to make for some other characters, and I wanted to fill in some of the emptier entries a bit so I reached for more. There are a few I'm leaving out for now. And hopefully I'll be able to come up with four things for my chosen ladies before the deadline.

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