[livejournal.com profile] lostboy_lj wrote about the Scythe and firefighting in his The Meta Arsenal: Stakes, Fangs and Other Symbolic Weaponry in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. I recommend the whole thing, but had a thought train based on this particular connection. He notes how the characters describe it as an axe, and the fact that it’s red.

The Scythe as a firefighter's axe makes me think of that Restless line, “I’m gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back." Buffy’s dream is of change, Slayers, and her experience being one - she always views it as isolating during the run of the show but fights that anyway, at first just to have friends and something normal in her life; she will be the one with the idea to finally change that isolation, the 'she alone' of the Slayer. Not just for her as the Slayer with friends and family*, but for all future Slayers who will be able to turn to each other.

I mostly talk about the last three seasons, though the theme of what the Slayer is and who Buffy is as the Slayer is of course at the heart of the show from the beginning. )
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The last question was difficult: for 'reaction to discovering your loved one slaughtered many people once,' I only chose 'kill them and mourn for a long time' because it seemed the aspirational option. If you can't kill your boyfriend for the greater good, how can I ship your relationship?

I haven't been posting these comments here because I haven't had them ready before the Watches post, but this time I will. Though I won't be able to post it on time because I have to do something and I can only hope I'll be back by early evening at least.


Go Fish )







Innocence )

Some sad travel descriptions. Finally we can all admit it's Gollum whose been the creep factor for chapters and chapters. Giant flying creatures of the night, wonderful. Now the conflict is between Boromir and anyone who doesn't agree with him.
Cut for length, overuse of the comma and the word guy.

13-16 )

Ted )
This time, I'm typing up my thoughts before today's Mark post.

What's My Line Part 1 )

What's My Line Part 2 )
Assorted Buffy )

Variant Relena )
Thoughts on a Bookish Buffy )

Rambling on Relena )
For the womenlovefest:

I had little time and energy, so I will do a repost of a comment I made elsewhere and an image spam for the first day.

An Introverted Buffy Summers )

The image spam. I am usually not someone fixated on the fashion of the female characters. This is partly due to them looking the same to me. But while watching the series I found this clothing really attractive on her.
Relena Darlian in my favorite outfit for her. )

Edited to add: I found the images here a few weeks ago: http://cosmic-dare.org/relena/artbook.html

Tomorrow/today, a little more substance.
Sixteen freaking pages, my god )
The list would have been even longer, but people keep deleting their LJs without archiving their fic elsewhere. The nerve! I kid.


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