Despite the awful things that happen in it, this is an optimistic book. Or actually, it's the bad things that happen in it that make it optimistic. A book can't be optimistic if it doesn't have the horrible things that happen in life. That's fantasy (not in the speculative genre sense, though many fantasy novels also fit this definition.) Lauren Olamina shapes her life and guides others in shaping theirs no matter what happens to them.
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( May. 5th, 2012 05:19 pm)
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Favorite Harry Potter novel: Number Five )

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Favorite Disney movie: Tangled and Beauty and the Beast thoughts and comparisons )
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Manga: The Dreaming by Queenie Chan. Ghost suspense )
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Innocence )

Some sad travel descriptions. Finally we can all admit it's Gollum whose been the creep factor for chapters and chapters. Giant flying creatures of the night, wonderful. Now the conflict is between Boromir and anyone who doesn't agree with him.
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