Thank you so much for the effort you will put in and I’m sorry I didn’t get this done earlier!

First I'll get squicks and dislikes out of the way. Please no rape or torture, unless it’s just alluded to or mentioned - nothing explicit or the focus of the story, please. (However, OUAT does include canon rape by deception, and I’d be interested in a story that explored this in relationship to Emma’s characterization. But not as a romanticized or smutty thing.) I'd also like a limit of "gross-out" elements like gory details and bodily fluids. Or completely grim stories, though these sources do have grim parts and that's part of the appeal. I'd rather the sadness not be relentless and total. Unless it's symbiotic with the story you want to tell! I’d also like to request that there be no ship bashing. I like a good deal of the canon ships, even love them. They’re not all nominated here but I don’t want to see negativity directed at them and/or the halves of pairings. Lastly, I’d rather there be no smut for Ever After High.

I'm good with AUs or crossovers, or holiday-fic for holidays that are canonical or could plausibly be canonical. Though if it's an AU there would be different rules as to canonical holidays. I do prefer AUs that take place in the same setting, but if similar emotional beats/dynamics are hit I can enjoy others too! I like both character studies and plot.

Once Upon a Time – Emma/Walsh

I think Emma is underexplored with regard to her relationship to Walsh; she was able to hold down a stable relationship, unlike her previous self, but then it was partly because he had no intention to leave or make her want to end it. She wasn't gung-ho about marrying him, but actually considered it after some prodding from Henry. She was hurt at how it ended it but it’s rarely ever brought up, even though she had to kill him. Any sex they had was rape by deception. She has a lie-detecting skill that—in my headcanon—doesn’t come easily for her but which she practiced hard in order to protect herself and drops whenever she wants to believe in people. How exactly did this relationship affect her? I would like anything—aftermath conversations/character studies, stuff set while the relationship was developing, an AU where things turn out differently there, an AU where they end up in Oz together somehow and she finds out everything, plotty things, and so forth. My emphasis is on Emma pov because she’s my main interest, but I would still enjoy a Walsh pov, as long as there was lots of attention to Emma even if the fic doesn’t see through her eyes. (Sorry to be specific about this! I could still be happy with a fic more about Walsh if that’s what calls to your soul!)

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Alice/Anastasia

I’m surprised this ship didn’t occur to me until I saw a graphic a little while ago. Foeyay! Femslash! Alice is a little bit of a dashing rogue, doing things like kidnapping the rabbit, and of course Anastasia is someone with her heart drawn to being a queen even if that alone didn’t satisfy her and she has a touch of the roguish herself in her past. They don’t have much of a relationship on the show, but I loved the episode where Anastasia got Alice to work for her, and the one where she acknowledged her deeds and thanked Alice and Cyrus for still trying to help her at their expense. And that Alice was more reluctant to trust her than Cyrus. Anything that works with that push-and-pull tension would be great! I don’t mean it has to be angsty or sexy; it can be pulled off with fluff or with drama.

Sinbad - Any

I finished this show very recently and I want more from every relationship. We got so little! And I was so upset when Nala left halfway through! I’m sorry I don’t have any particular ideas beyond ‘Nala is still there’ and ‘the Basra plot takes longer to wrap up’; I just feel like we missed out on all the things and I’m having withdrawals. Any of these ships would make me happy to read.

Ever After High - Daring Charming/Cerise Hood, Daring Charming/Duchess Swan, C. A. Cupid/Sparrow Hood, Darling Charming/Duchess Swan, Cerise Hood/Duchess Swan

Duchess ships: I really want Duchess Swan to get her happiness/avoid the tragic ending (despite her often being a huge jerk) so I’d love any of her ships here! She gets the fairytale hero she wants (Daring), the one she doesn’t know she wants and who also wants a different destiny (Darling), or the girl with her own somewhat secret issues with destiny (Cerise.) How would Cerise work with her ego and still like her? How are the other two going to deal with the tension Duchess’ desperation could cause?

Daring Charming/Cerise Hood: I didn’t know I wanted this pairing until I saw it in the spring special! But it’s potentially sweet and they could bond over having things they like in common. Possibly give poor Cerise angst about the wolf thing.

C.A. Cupid/Sparrow Hood: I think this could be cute! They’re both very interested in their careers, although in opposite ways—Cupid is helping others be together, Sparrow wants his music to draw attention to himself. He kind of has a dorkishness to his attempts to be cool because they’re so over the top (even as he is mean a lot), and she actually is cool.

I haven’t consumed every bit of canon yet and have possibly forgotten stuff that happened in the little webisodes, but please feel free to include or make reference to anything that’s happened! I don’t mind spoilers. I also put a lot of emphasis on cute, but that doesn’t have to be the tone of the fic! It’s just the effect of a cute canon.

Again, thank you for writing me a fic! I hope it’s an enjoyable experience for you.
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