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([personal profile] tigerlily Mar. 3rd, 2015 10:06 pm)

I rewatched The Last Unicorn and felt better. Still terribly sad and missing Cobie/Coby(? dammit) even though he was given away over a year ago (it was so good to know he was alive, to keep getting updates with pictures), and remembering all the other cats I couldn't keep (given away, taken to the shelter and possibly dead because it's not a no-kill, and the two I know are dead), but more peaceful and less like I would cry.

After, I mentally listed every cat who can't be here--including the ones who are hopefully alive--and verbally said goodbye to each in turn, named and unnamed. I wish I could find and gather all the pictures ever taken of them (I'm pretty sure I've lost all pictures of at least two, and there were a couple of others of whom none were taken) and put them all together. Hopefully I'll do that one day soon.


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