Thank you for your time and effort! Sorry this wasn't ready until now. (Finals time! Finishing with another exchange! But still.)

First, my squicks and and dislikes. Please no rape, dubcon, or torture. Or completely grim stories, though these canons do have grim parts and I’m all right with sadness pervading the fic. I like that; I'd just prefer it to not be relentless and total if you do choose to write sadness. I’d also rather no kinks be present beyond allusions or mentions.

I don't mind AUs or crossovers, or holiday-fic for holidays that are canonical or could plausibly be canonical. Though if it's an AU there would be different rules. Any combination of the characters is cool, or even alone.

I would welcome femslash! Or gen. Or gen that includes either or both of those. Het also! My preference is that m/m slash not be the focus of the story, since I’m not really interested in it.

Fandom prompts:

Lord Osen tried to protect Sonea from her Akkarin-related decision-making. How did that work out in his head? And his own attempts to take care of Lorlen?

How does Sonea view getting her wish to extend healing to the people in the slums, laden with politics as that decision was? How does she manage that in the context of dealing with her grief?

I love the other nominated characters, so feel free to include a lot of them if you want!

Does anyone regret leaving home for good? How is it to live in Everworld full time? How is April dealing with killing Senna? What if Senna had executed her plan even a little differently, or read April a little better?

How do they finish the quest, if they finish it? What would be the aftermath if they did? Or just one of their remaining adventures on the way? Backstory, preseries or during.

If Eep could have a curiosity and desire for adventure despite being so conditioned not to, I imagine she’d still have them at the end of the movie. So how will she navigate it now that her family dynamics are different?

Include as much of the other nominated characters as you want!

One of the things I loved about this show was the fairytale feel of the world and stories. Anything incorporating that would be lovely! More backstory would also be nice.

Edel stepped out of Drosselmeyer’s control, and then Uzura was just never in it. The difference and connection between them in their relationships to Drosselmeyer would be interesting to explore.

Just how much did Ahiru love being a duck, and how much does she love it now? Was her initial desire to be different something planted in her by Drosselmeyer or her own? Both? How does she see her relationship to the world?

Feel free to include the other nominated characters a lot if you want!

Thank you again!
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