Dear Rarewomen Author,

Thank you! I’m excited for this. Here’s what I hope will be a helpful guide and idea-mobile if you need them.

First, my squicks and and dislikes. Please no rape, dubcon, or torture. Or completely grim stories, though these canons do have grim parts and I’m all right with sadness pervading the fic. I like that; I'd just prefer it to not be relentless and total if you do choose to write sadness. I’d also rather no kinks be present beyond allusions or mentions.

I don't mind AUs or crossovers, or holiday-fic for holidays that are canonical or could plausibly be canonical. Though if it's an AU there would be different rules. Any combination of the characters is cool, or even alone.

There is canon het--and a little femslash--in some of these, but I would welcome more femslash! Or gen. Or gen that includes either or both of those. Het is also good, as long as the main focus is on the female characters, grounded in their lives and including more of what is in the character than her love for a man.

Onto the fandoms. Where I could, I’ve provided legal links to watch the three shows.

Romeo x Juliet
Cordelia, Lady Ariel, Juliet Fiammatta Arst De Capulet, Hermione, Emilia

- The show is available free on Hulu, both subbed and dubbed:

- The complete sub and first four episodes of the dub are available on Funimation’s YouTube channel:

- Juliet and her public speaking skills, her growing as the symbol for the city, gaining self-possession and power. The integration of her Red Whirlwind identity into that role, instead of discarding it like she thought she needed to when Lancelot died in her place, trying to force herself into becoming the ideal Capulet heir and avenger, do her duty to her family (the one that died and the one that raised her.) The way she and Cordelia - and Emilia - were separated during this process. An AU where her death wasn't required by the tree and didn't happen.

- Cordelia and the way her personal love for Juliet interacted with her duty to the Capulets and their followers. How she saw her role in the story, before and after Juliet's death. What kind of life she chose to make for herself. Her relationship with Emilia, which was at least a little prickly on her side.

- Emilia and her ambiguous feelings for Juliet: shocked that she wasn't a boy, but still wanting to act scenes in which to kiss her. Wanting the Capulet heir to just get caught before she knew it was Juliet--maybe that's what really produced the shock at her identity? Maybe she had already figured out the girl part. Her relationship with Willie, whom she stayed with despite the constant bickering. Her backstory, the way she lived post-show. What she wanted out of life as an actress, her use of this to connect with nobles or just have fun with them. How she related to the Capulet remnants before and after knowing who they were.

- Hermione's awareness of the state of the city, the lives of the people there, and how she saw the politics at court, maneuvered herself within them. Her thoughts on the idea that Titus' death was murder. Her sweetness balanced with the drive and passion that led her to run off to find Romeo and try to kill Juliet in her rage, only to relent at seeing the same passion in Juliet's love and choose to protect her from discovery. Even though it meant allowing a likely revolution that could endanger her family and position. How she lived through the crumbling and the aftermath of Romeo and Juliet.

- Lady Ariel, the hows and whys of her hosting the Capulet remnants while being able to keep her position at court and be respected there. Her relationships with Willie and Conrad specifically. What kind of position and life she had post-show.

Once Upon a Time (TV)
Widow Lucas | Granny, Cinderella | Ashley Boyd, Mulan, Milah, Jack

- The first two seasons are on Netflix:

- What’s been aired of season three up to now is on Hulu Plus, with the last five episodes free:

- Those last five are also available on the ABC site:

- This season is on Amazon Prime, but they make you buy the episodes.

- I'm curious about Granny and her post-werewolf life, before and after Red/Ruby. In Storybrooke, how much of a figure is she, especially after the curse was broken? Since everyone seems to go to her diner/inn when they're not at the seedy-coded Rabbit's Hole, and (though you don't have to connect these two thoughts) at least the cursed version of her was very into a sexual morality that shamed Mary Margaret for being the other woman. How did she integrate that with her respect for Ruby's capability while cursed? How much did that change postcurse?

- What is Mulan's OUAT backstory, and why was she traveling and having adventures instead of remaining in the military, or at home, or in her land's court, as per her options in the Disney movie? I'm also interested in her canon love for Phillip and Aurora, plus the adventure of getting Phillip's soul back. Other loves are welcome too--I'm a little curious about whether she had a Shang, and whether he could have been a woman this time, although her comments about knowing what it was like to be surrounded by men make me think he probably wasn't. On that note, I find it interesting that while she is coded as more masculine than the other women, she, like Emma, isn't depicted as disdaining femininity, whether in herself or in other women. She isn't depicted as a resentful opposite to girliness and seems to express discomfort at the idea of being the only woman in a group of men again. She helped Belle not only out of a sense of rightness but because she could relate to Belle being bullied by a set of male adventurers. That would be interesting to explore.

- Milah's pov to fill in canon. How did she adjust from a housewife peasant to stepping into a role that inherently required extreme and unprovoked violence as a way of life? If she was aware of Rumplestiltskin coming aboard to find her--or planned on it, though I think canon suggests she wasn't expecting it--did she want him to fight for her and did she think that might convince her to stay, if only out of possible guilt, or decide to take her son with her if Rumplestiltskin had died fighting? Also, that Milah-is-Captain-Hook AU I ran into on Tumblr and fell in love with. Make up your own reason for it or go with the same motivation of the canon Hook, with the bonus of her wanting to find her son as well. I personally would still ship this version of Hook with Emma by the way, but I'm not in an exclusive relationship with that idea! It took me a while to realize this would be closer to incest than the canon possibility--what have fandom and V.C. Andrews done to me (OUAT canon too, such a family tree)--and if that bothers you or you have trouble writing the characters ICly around that, that's all right!

- Jack. What is her life as a rogue James Bond? It doesn't have to be explained, though that would be fun--imagining her as just wanting to have adventures and make money from them is delightful. I'm also a little struck with the idea of her maybe being in some contact with Princess Abigail, since she doesn't have problems partnering with royalty and the princess did like having people outside

- Cinderella | Ashley Boyd. What was it like trying to make it work in Storybrooke, where after Emma's interference she was getting her happy ending well before the curse was actually broken? It's interesting that it seems she got a happier ending there than in the Enchanted Forest. How was she in that time between the loss of Thomas and when the curse hit? In canon it's likely she didn't spend much time with Emma, since she appeared so little, but it would be interesting to me to explore the relationship they might have had offscreen, or in an AU where she's around more, if not in any other capacity then as a friend and/or someone who shares an understanding with Emma that other characters can't with either of them.

Spellsong Cycle - L.E. Modesitt Jr.
Anna, Veria, Clayre, Lady Essan, Secca

- Anna and her remaining time ruling, both Defalk and her hall after stepping down as the country's regent. Her mothering of Secca, mentoring the sorceresses in magic and politics, connecting across worlds with her daughter Elizabetta through the letters and the water mirror. What was it like during her relationship with Jecks and after his death? Defalk's heir during the first three books seemed to have learned a need to respect her--how was it like for Anna to have it end in him mainly respecting her power and not her ideas and beliefs? Throughout her time as a main character, Anna developed a preference for killing in secret over mass killings in battle. How did she integrate that disgust at killing with continuing to not see another way and developing more spells to kill as well as those to build? What was it like teaching that to the sorceresses who came to her?

- Veria and her values, her beliefs. She had to deal with them being shattered violently by both her mother the leader of Ranuak exiling her with taboo magic and being forced to live in a wartorn country she had sold weapons to. How did she cope with this? How did she come to respect the intervention of Anna and her successors? She became a leader in Ebra and never had very positive relations with her family after her exile--how did that develop? What did she experience fighting the Sturinnese?

- Clayre and her apparent isolation. She had been isolated and overshadowed as the younger daughter in her childhood; Anna took an interest and had her educated, but she seemed to stay fairly isolated. What was the mix of nurture and nature? She was compared by an enemy to the sorceresses of old, more like them in her relative solitude than her compatriots were. How else might that bave been true--or false? She was still powerful and clever and an excellent help to the rulers of Neserea. What kind of life did she make for herself there before the end?

- Lady Essan and her continuous perspective on the rulers of Defalk. She had seen generations of rulers including Anna, and didn't leave the world behind when she was put away in a tower. What was it like when she wielded her influence more directly? As a woman very much of her world, with such long experience in it, how did she integrate Anna into her worldview, and as someone to respect and think well of?

- Secca and her continuous relationship with Anna even after the latter's death. Her life learning her mother's magic and politics, taking after her more than her fellow sorceresses but still very much separate, with the experience and perspective of only one world instead of two, and thinking of herself as lacking the necessary coolness of Anna? How she tried to do as Anna would have and how she had to integrate the mass killings in battle that Anna had eventually managed to stop during her lifetime. How she lived as ruler of Defalk, not Regent but Lady.

Xena: Warrior Princess
Lao Ma, Cyane (III), Amarice, Akemi

- All the episodes are on Netflix and Hulu Plus:

- I ship all of them with Xena, but gen/other pairings are great too!

- Lao Ma, how she gained power before and after Xena, became the kind of person that could say 'you love me' to bloodthirsty warlord Xena's face without fear or insecurity. Her confidence and skill in ruling with consideration for civility and her subjects' personhood. Her relationships with her son and daughters, how two out of three went so badly sour. How she dealt with Xena turning her back on her and her values.

- Cyane (this is the one Xena met before she reformed, according to Wikipedia), how she ruled and dealt with Alti before Xena. Her interest in reforming Xena, teaching her Amazon values, coupled with her lack of tolerance for nonsense. How she was blunt and fierce and fair and merciful. Her respect for the potential in Borias and Xena, in different ways. How she still led the Amazons when they were trapped in the spirit world.

- Amarice living her identity as an Amazon, before and after being officially brought into the group. Her particularly strong desire to fight, and how it interacted with her insecurities--though I am not suggesting it was due mainly or only to those! How it was travelling with Xena and co., how much contact was kept between them after her settling with the tribe and before her death. An AU where she survived past the offscreen battle she was killed in.

- Akemi and her vengeance quest, how determinedly and skillfully she set out to complete it. Her manipulativeness with her conviction and sense of justice, of rightness. What she lived before her need and decision to kill her father, and how she viewed Xena before and after dying, in light of having been using her as a pawn from beginning to end. Was there love there, and what kind of love, and how did it intermingle with Akemi's manipulation?

Alliance-Union – C. J. Cherryh
Morgaine kri Chya, Mija Jhirun Ela's-daughter

- Morgaine kri Chya and her mysterious past, beyond what got her into her specific situation in the first book. Though I do enjoy not knowing as well! Her time with the army that was lost and sent into Jhirun's world, the times she is separated from Vanye during the books. What happened after Exile's Gate. Will she ever finish her mission? What will be the consequences for her life after she succeeds in closing the last Gate?

-Jhirun Ela's daughter and her life-changing choice between staying or leaving her world. It broke my heart that she stayed, when she had dreamed for so long of escaping; I would love an AU where she left. Her staying was an interesting decision, especially as the battling and the mass exodus left the hierarchy different, and she had the chance to be a queen. Jhirun thought that she was too afraid to leave, to take a chance in a new world--what was that like to deal with? Did she know happiness or at least peace by the end? What was it like to be a queen of a dying world, helping the last people to finish their lives there?

Everworld Series - K. A. Applegate
Senna Wales, April O'Brien

- They and their messed up relationship were my favorite part of the series. Gen, femslash, het, what-ifs, all welcome. I don't mind incest with these two, but I don't mind strictly platonic stuff either!

- Senna and her relationships with her parents, and April. Her ways of liking and disliking people, both of which, as seen with Jalil even before she hated him, didn't exclude cruelty. The insecurities she had regardless of her confidence and power, and how she planned on remaking the world. An AU where she doesn't die, or dies later or in another way, though I love the way she went, with April being the one to kill her.

- April and her family including Senna, her ways of relating to people, opposite of Senna. How she was the good sister but did not lack in ruthlessness, being able to kill Senna even though it hurt something in her. The aftermath of doing that, the way it isolates her, how she was isolated already in her relationship and insight into Senna. How she's going to live in the Everworld now instead of with her remaining family.

Thank you again. I look forward to what you will make!


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