Chapter 9

For Fanny, it's just a very awkward situation and one that's hurtful to Mr. Rushworth. She sounds silly, talking about why Maria shouldn't go, but it's the only thing she can think of to stop what's coming and is the less powerful one in their dynamic. For Maria, it's a danger. She's starting to learn that she can want more than what she's expected to have, and developing a taste for it. Henry doesn't care about this at all; he just wants to gratify his ego without causing any disruptions, especially ones which would make people blame him - hence his behavior at the dinner and inviting Julia to sit next to him again.

Hmm, I don't remember exactly how I felt the first time, but I think I like Maria a lot more than I did before. I wonder what she would have been like if her marriage with Mr. Rushworth had lasted, or if she had married someone she liked better; she was happy to work with what she could get at first, but in some ways Mr. Crawford spurred her into becoming the 'rebellious princess' type of character, and this isn't the type of story where that character has a happy ending.
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