Thank you for your time and effort! Sorry this wasn't ready until now. (Finals time! Finishing with another exchange! But still.)

First, my squicks and and dislikes. Please no rape, dubcon, or torture. Or completely grim stories, though these canons do have grim parts and I’m all right with sadness pervading the fic. I like that; I'd just prefer it to not be relentless and total if you do choose to write sadness. I’d also rather no kinks be present beyond allusions or mentions.

I don't mind AUs or crossovers, or holiday-fic for holidays that are canonical or could plausibly be canonical. Though if it's an AU there would be different rules. Any combination of the characters is cool, or even alone.

I would welcome femslash! Or gen. Or gen that includes either or both of those. Het also! My preference is that m/m slash not be the focus of the story, since I’m not really interested in it.

Fandom prompts:

Black Magician Trilogy - Trudi Canavan )

Everworld Series - K. A. Applegate )

The Pirates of Dark Water )

The Croods )

Kino no Tabi | Kino's Journey )

Princess Tutu )

Thank you again!


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